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Static route problems

Hi guys,

I have a FG 30E and I've setup a static route to a Cisco 2600 router which is routing between token ring and ethernet on different subnets. 


The Cisco 2600 router has its ethernet NIC configured as and the token-ring NIC as There is one device on the token ring network which has be assigned the ip from the DHCP helper on the 2600. On the 2600 router I can ping both the client and the gateway (Token ring NIC). 


On my FG network ( I can ping the 2600 router gateway but I can't ping (the client on the token ring network) 


Any ideas why on the Cisco 2600 router I can ping the client ( and via the FG or main LAN  I can't? My FG static route has the entire subnet included.

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Hi Dave,


Have you try to install wireshark on client to check if icmp packet is received ?

If it's received and send echo packet, you can check the gateway in the device client.

You can do a diag sniffer packet in the fortigate to check if you see this packet.


The other think, is a device client firewall  ?


Best regards,



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