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Hi Team, I read the documentation for Security Fabric and i can see the minimum requirement : 2 fortigate and 1 FAZ. The FAZ is mandatory or it's just better for the aggregate log? Thanks for your reply. Best regards,
Hi, the feature 'config user device' is removes in the last version 7.. Have you an solution to filter sourceIP and MACDevice in one rules ? I have try SourceIP and DeviceMAC object, but this one allow all source network... Best regards
Hi Team, I would work with RestAPI Fortigate and access to documentation.I saw that it was necessary to be sponsored by 2 employees of Fortinet, can you tell me if partners are sufficient or not? what solution can i have? thx
Hello Community, I continue my research on advpn and bgp. I would like to enable ibgp multipath so I can add SDWAN rules and split traffic based on link health for branches.Before the multipath modification, the routes were well learned by my branche...
Hi , I have read the new feature in 6.4 release note, for advpn and shortcup behind NAT. UDP Hole Punching. But i have not look if this parameters is by defaut in 6.4 or if it' a parameter in fortigate? I don't have found this information in forum or...