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Forticlient VPN connection issue, PC 1 Connection success but PC 2 Connection Failed

Hi all expert,


Newbie here and just join network industries have a issue with my VPN connection.


i use my laptop and have a setting in a few connection of VPN, 



Connection_1 port:11111

Connection_2 port:11111

Connection_3 port:11111

Connection_4 port:11111


i had add new VPN connection name it as Connection_5 port:11111

but connection fail

i use my colleague laptop to sign in my ID and password can work, but how come my laptop cannot, is this something wrong with my laptop.


Thanks in advance.


those who is convenient can whatapps me at +6592374889





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hm I had this when I tried to dial in via ipsec with two pcs behind the same NAT Address (and both in same local subnet). This resulted in one PC getting connected and the other did not.

This was due to the way FortiOS per default threats the routing upon dialup von connections.

It did a net route for my local subnet over the first tunnel that came up and then due to that was unable to route over the second one during establishing that tunnel.

There is some cli param at least with ipsec dialup one can set that forces the Fortigate to do a host route instead. Setting this allows to establish concurrent tunnels from out of the same local subnet and wanip.



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thanks sw2090, problem solved when i try to use lower version forticlient to sign in.