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Static Routes issue using 6.0.3 Firmware

Hi guys,


I am using the new firmware version (6.0.3) and I got one issue using static route. If you already have any route to a specific GW and you try to add a new one to the same specific GW, the Fortigate shows the follow message.

"Gateway IP and interface conflict with Static Route #"


How to fix it?

Save your route using another GW IP. After that, right-click on the Route you want to change and click ">_Edit in CLI".

Run the command "set gateway", then type "end" and close the CLI Console.


Refresh your browser and you will see the result.


@Fortigate team, please provide an update to fix it up.


From TAC


You issue is well know to our internal Engineering team with an ID 0518131 and summary:(B0200] Not able to add static route with same gateway IP and interface from WebGUI) and will be resolved in v6.0.4


sorry, i've FortiGate 30E v6.0.4 build0231 (GA) but i still have the problem...




Been awhile since I did this and on new firmware now but should be similar.


#config router static


#edit 1    ***** this would edit whatever static route is in static route 1 for example.  You need to change this for the route you want.  If creating a new route it might accept skipping this step and create a new entry.  However otherwise do show once you are in config router static mode and it will show you all your route numbers, you can this create the next number free if creating a new route.


#set gateway


#set distance 10


#set device port2 (or whatever port the traffic is exiting on)


#set dst (the address you are routing too)






 Hope it helps.


hint: "edit 0" will create an object with the next higher available ID...good for routes, policies,...any object which is enumerated.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Hey @PeterK, 


i'm going to test these commands right now...

thank you very much for you help!!

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I was able to get around this issue when using the GUI by creating the route with the status disabled, then once created right click and enable it. 


Could you tell me what are cli commands for 6 os version?


I've 6.0.4. but the strange thing is that in one fortigate i've been done with this setup but in another fortigate i stille get the error.


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Should this not be in the known issues by now?  Worrying if their are known faults not listed.


Yes, Foritnet are aware of the issue.


I think they are writing a KB article about regarding it now.


I have the same issue. Some one know date release new OS version ????


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