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Trying to Manage Fortiswitches over Comcast ENS

I tried searching for an answer with no luck and I'm a greenhorn with Fortinet gear as a warning.


I have a 10 site Comcast ENS network that I just brought online.  Each has a Fortiswitch connected to the Comcast's Ciena looping back to a Hub location with another Fortiswitch connected to a Fortigate 100F and Comcast EDI for internet.


Only the directly connected Fortiswitch shows as "online" with all of the remaining sites showing "offline".  I am able to connect to workstations site to site, get to the internet from each site, but I am not able to get these switches to show as online.


As a side note - during setup I was able to assign the Fortilink port without any issues but then did not have internet access until I connected the Fortiswitch to the Fortigate with another patch cable.  Is this normal or did I forget a step during setup?


My goal is to be able to see and manage all of these switches from the Fortigate.  Thanks in advance for any help you all are willing to provide.

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