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Static Route, 2 different network

i, i have 3 different network, anyone know what static route i have to set to allow both 2 network can communicate each other. sweat.gif network 1 = (main network) network 2 = both network can to go to internet using wan1 Here my Static route conf. IP/Mask : Gateway : Device : 60.49.xx.x : port10 : : wifi : : switch switch and firewall is single device Fortigate 200B, Wifi is FortiAp FAP210B.
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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Have you looked at the router monitor? You should see both networks active, with a ' direct connect' route of distance 0. So, you don' t have to do anything to get the routing right. Of course, you have to allow traffic from the subnets to the internet so you need (at least) 2 policies. And for traffic from LAN to WiFi you need one, as well as from WiFi to LAN.


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Thanks for your reply and query... the problem has been solved, i forgot to set policy from my wireless network -> lan network. Thanks.
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