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Specific website exclusion of gambling list

HKJC is very common gambling website in Hong Kong.

I would like to use fortigate gambling web filter but i want to exclude HKJC website.

What can be done about it?


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It sounds like you've got your hands full with web filtering and gambling sites – quite the tech adventure, isn't it? The idea of using Fortigate's filter to exclude specific sites like HKJC is pretty intriguing.


You can use either web rating override or URL filter in Web filter profile to achieve this. Please refer to the following KBs for more information:

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It's great that you're looking to customize your web filter to suit your specific needs. If you want to exclude the HKJC website from the Fortigate gambling web filter, you'll need to adjust the filter's settings. Typically, these filters allow for the addition of exceptions. You can manually enter the HKJC website URL into the exceptions list. This will tell the filter to bypass HKJC while blocking other gambling sites.
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