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Slow / incomplete download from from Germany

Since some days i try to download a FortiMail Image ( from


The file download itself comes from


It is impossible to get a whole 230 MB file downloadet.
The transfer rate is extremely low and after about 20 to 30 minutes the download stops and is broken / incomplete.


I tried different browsers on different networks.

Our IT supplier tried it also on his network with the same result.

My internet provider is Deutsche Telekom


Does anyone other from Germany has this problem?

Is there a alternate method of downloading this file?

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Because nobody from Fortinet can help with this problem it tried to use some US Proxy Servers to download this f*** 230 MB image file.


Only way to get it was


1. With your own browser go to the image download section

2. Begin to download the image.

3. Stop the download.

4. Get the download file URL from your browser

5. Paste the URL to the above proxy service (Use USA / NewYork Host)

6. Download ...


I wonder how it is possible that a company whose main business is to establish IP connections is not able to establish appropriate peerings with other providers so that their software can be easily downloaded in Europe


Hi Rene,


We are aware of the situation, however there is not much we can do about it.

The problem is not with our servers, or indeed any ISP that we use, but with the peerings from Germany to USA which we are not responsible for.

As you can see from the other responses in this thread, it looks like DTAG has an issue, and not Fortinet.  

I would suggest you open a ticket with your ISP who can check into any peerings they have with DTAG.

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i have the same problem from three diffent internet connections from AS3320 (= "Deutsche Telekom AG a.k.a DTAG). 


Only 20-30 kb/s and the download aborts at about 40 % 

I was trying to download multiple FortiGate images. 


After the download fails i have only a "DownloadFirmware.htm" which shows in a Browser: 

"Error executing your request, please try again later."


Other ISP seems to be working. 

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We have the same problem.
Also Provider "Deutsche Telekom".

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Also the same problem here in 2024

Provider WNT in Austria

New Contributor

Same Problem on ISP A1 in Austria




you can call the support line and they can send you the required file in the attachments of ticket update




Rajan Kohli
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Downloads are super slow. I'm getting 132KBs. It's taking me 30 minutes to download a 190MB file. We have a 10 Gb connection

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 I'm from Yemen, and I have same problem too.

I tried vpn, proxy and still can't download any file...!

I get "DownloadFirmware.htm" instead.

I asked my friend (in Egypt) to try download the file, but He stuck with the same problem too.



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