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Setting up vlan fortigate 60e

Hi, Can you please refer me a cookbook link, on setting up vlan for 2networks comprising of PCs and cctv ip cameras. The PCs are on 192.168.100.x and have currently gateway to the firewall for internet, while the ipcamera cctv are on different subnet 192.168.200.x, these devices needs to have routing or rather can see the other pc network and initially needs not to have internet. Really could use some examples, to get some knowledge and get started




also i see that all the interface is in untagged mode only. the port you have connected to fortigate must be tagged mode if you create vlan in fortigate interface. 







for #3. try connect another laptop in switch and set ip address as and try to ping the

I tried a PC and laptop, both can see each other and cannot see the gateway interface on the HP 1910 switch.

In my initial post, I thought we can setup VLAN on the fortigate, however as per analysis there should also VLAN ids setup on the switch.  I tried asking HP forum guys about the unusual behavior of the hp1910, am not sure its working the way it should.


Hi Mahesh/Ede, Can I ask for your suggestions what to do next? Here's what I plan to test further: After creating the VLAN: 10 on the FGT with IP, and I create also VLAN: 10 on the HP1910 switch with interface IP, connect the two devices via tagged port of the HP1910 switch, then on the PC or laptop I assign IP address with gateway Will the above VLAN work ?


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