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Secondary Fixed IP address on DHCP interface

Hi All,

we have just received a new internet connection.  Our ISP have given us one DHCP address (which has been reserved for us) and another static IP address.  I have configured the interface using the DHCP option which correctly receives all the required information and is working fine.


However, I don't seem to be able to add the second, fixed IP address.  When I configure the interface as DHCP, the option to apply a secondary IP address is removed.  Can I add one from the CLI? 




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Hi lhsit ,


You cannot have secondary IP address when interface is in DHCP mode. I would use another port as WAN and assign static on it.



Thanks ,



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Rather move away from the DHCP IP. Just configure it as a static IP and you should be able to use the second one as well.


If the second IP is not in the same subnet as the first IP then you could config it on a second interface



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