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SSLVPN stuck at connection on Macbook

I got a user trying connect to the VPN using the Forticlient and is getting stuck at "Connecting".


The user tried two different macbooks and the issue is the same.


Credentials were verified and she was able to login via the web portal.


I am unable to uninstall the client to install it from scratch. It says that the Uninstaller is corrupted.


When I used the uninstaller from the installer downloaded from it does nothing, and I cannot re-install because it says I that I need to uninstall first.


What could be the cause of this?





Can you please specify the type of VPN, SSL or IPSec?

Can you please specify the Mac OS version and client version, free or paid?

To uninstall the client you need to ensure that the client is shut down.

The installer contains an uninstaller in case that the client is shut down there should not be an issue with the unistalltion.

Please note that the uninstallation is not an issue for connection.

For Mac OS it is required to give permission of full disk to the client.

The FortiClient (macOS) free VPN-only client does not include the fcaptmon, fmon, and fmon2 services. If you are using the VPN-only client, you only need to grant permissions for fctservctl and FortiClient.

Do you check if the PC can reach remote gateway(FGT), by ping, etc, or suffer from FGT?

In case that can reach remote gateway(FGT), you can run VPN debug from FGT to double-check for error?









Chavdar Tanev

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