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SSLVPN idle-timer not working

Hi, guys,


It has been frustrated about this configuration; the sslvpn idle-timer is still not working.


I configured all related parameters/attributes as the following weblink:

Technical Tip: SSL-VPN Idle-timeout not working



My network configuration as below:

1.  Fortigate 100E with FortiOS v7.2.4.

1.1. SSLVPN Client DNS same as Client

1.2. SSLVPN idle-timeout 300

2. FortiClient VPN

3. Windows 10 home

3.1. "SSDP Discovery" is disabled

3.2  "LLMNR" is disabled


 But the SSLPVN idle-timer is still working, any recommendation, many thanks ?


With regards


1 Solution

Those are multicast traffic Windows/Mac or whatever the OS is and applications/drivers running on the OS are sending on network interfaces ( is for Upnp(Universal Plug and Play)). So if you want to stop them, you have to do something on the client machine side. But you might not be able to.

I don't know if there is a way to exclude multicast packets at least from the counter's counting for "idle-timer". Wait for somebody else's comment who knows about it.



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Hi, Toshi,

Thanks so much for your prompt response and detailed explanation.

So the Fortigate sslvpn idle-timer starts to count down/trigger at the condition of absolutely no tunnel traffic. 


May I know if anything keeps monitoring the sslvpn tunnel alive ( or it is supposedly the tunnel works forever once it starts, until auth-timeout or manual logout, or extreme conditions - ).


I searched for some articles of similar devices, they also have the same issues:


3. ....

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