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SSLVPN and Security Question

We allow our staff to use SSLVPN to reach our internal network and some client networks, and they use the FortiClient SSLVPN v 6.0.* in order to connect.


We don't currently have EMS or anything like that and are only using the SSLVPN functionality of FortiClient.


The question that has recently come up is, how can we mitigate users on public wireless with their devices and force them to use internet through our firewall to prevent potential issues with compromised APs, etc?


We currently have SSLVPN configured to actually do this already (push internet requests through local firewall), but no set policy forcing our users to always SSLVPN when on public Wifi, either electronic or otherwise.


Is there an automated way that we could force this process to our users and protect them from ourselves?  What are folks out there doing to do similar?  A quick bit of research doesn't seem to suggest this is easily doable.


We are using FortiOS 6.0.* if that changes anything.


Thanks for any input..



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You can do this through EMS. Push out a policy for 'always on VPN' when offnet. That way when users are on your network (going through your firewall) the VPN will not connect, but when FortiClient detects that it's not on your network the VPN will automatically connect and route all internet traffic through your firewall.


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