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SSL VPN and mapped drives

SSL VPN is up but the client has no option to run a script on connect to map drives. As a result mapped drives are hit or miss. Sometimes they are there and sometimes not. Any tips on how to get our mapped drives to refresh when establishing SSL VPN?
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Have you tried putting the entire process into a batch file?
 @echo off
 " C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Fortinet\SslvpnClient\FortiSSLVPNclient.exe"  connect -h host.domain:port
 net use [devicename | *] [\\computername\sharename[\volume] [password | *]]

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See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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I am having a similar issue. I have connected to our internal network using sslvpn and am able to ping the various network servers etc. I was hoping to be able make this as simple as possible for our staff (5 for now) to gain access to their mapped drives. You mention setting up a batch file and running it. Would you setup the batch file on the users computer and have them launch it once connected to the SSL VPN, by double clicking on it? We have setup the SSL VPN to download and install after accessing the external connection. That piece works well, and as above can ping the internal servers. Now I need our users to access their drives. Will the script file do this? Is there another way to do this so the overall process for staff is simple - I am one IT person and need it as simple as possible. We are using firmware revision 5.x patch 1. Thanks in advance.
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If the machines running the SSL VPN client are domain members they should work if you are assigning your office DNS servers to use (they already have the internal DNS suffix applied to their interfaces and will automatically append it to the netbios request. Non domain member machines need to have the office DNS suffix assigned to the Forticlient dial-up adapter that is created durring the install. I believe version 5 has the ability to add the Domain name to the SSL VPN config - may be a comand line only feature - I' d have to look.
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When you say assign office DNS servers to use, are you referring to the DNS servers setup under System, Network, DNS or DNS servers setup under VPN, SSL Config? For me the Office DNS servers are setup under VPN, SSL, Config. The DNS servers setup under System, Network, DNS are external.
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You should all switch your GPOs so that your drives map using Group Policy Preferences (GPP) instead of logon scripts. Even Windows XP clients (with most recent service pack) support this feature. With GPP you have very granular control over mapped drives, and you can make them persistent so that they don' t disappear when a user logs on and they aren' t available. If a user accidentally disconnects a drive, it will come back the next time they logon even if they are off network too. The only users I have given scripts to are non-domain joined machines.

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