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Resolve IP address to hostname?

I just got my new FortiAnalyzer 200D. After updating to the latest 5.x Release it' s now able to receive the Logs from the FG 110C. At the moment the Output in the Device Manager is sometimes cryptical. So I find it very difficult to read all those IP addresses. It seems, that the fortigate doesn' t resolve the IP' s to Hostnames? Why not and is there a possibility to change that? The first day, there was a User " test user" which seemed to be an test entry from fortigate. How was this " test user" configured? I found an CLI command for OS4 where aliases could be defined, but this doesn' t seem to work under 5.x? Also the Traffic Histry by Number of Active User is always " 0" . What are the active Users? Top Repipients by Email Size only gives the ip from the Host, but not the email-address? - Top 5 Email Recipients shows " No data to display" . Is there something I have to change in the Fortigate to get informations there? A great thank you for any hints! Wolfgang
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Dear wolfiru.. Check your dns entries for DNS resolving.. zrilanka
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Dear zrilanka, I' ve checked and rechecked, used my own, used external DNS, but I do not get any hostnames. Is there an option which I' ve to enable, so that the analyzer will do a name lookup? Wolfgang

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