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SPF Check with Office365 mailbox

Hi all,


I'm encountering a strange problem with a FortiMail unit ad an environment with both on-premise and in-cloud mailbox.

The problem regards the incoming email flow.


When an email is sent to a mailbox on premise (hosted to the local Exchange Server), no problem.


When an email is sent to an in-cloud mailbox, I have 2 steps involved:

  • in the first one I see a mail sent to (the domain of the company); no problem here and the mail is sent to the internal Exchange Server.
  • in the second one I see a mail sent from the IP of the Exchange server to and here I have a lot of SPF Check Fail[/ol]


    This happens with the message:

    SPF=FAIL: (envelope from indicates that MTA ( is not permitted to send email for


    Where :

  • is the original sender of the email
  • is the public IP of the FortiMail unit[/ul]


    From what I understand, my public IP address is not form the ones allowed to send email as (and this is correct).

    The question is: how could I avoid to perform SPF Check only in this cases?


    I'd like to disable SPF check from mail sent from my internal Exchange Server and the in-cloud domain but I don't think this could be done.


    Any idea?

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    Simple, If the  FML is handling the mail than write a policy allowing the   internal mailserver to send and "with a AS policy" that has no SPF check.




    Policy > Policies


    You should be able to order that policy to avoid  AS policy issues ( thresholds,sessions, AS rating ,etc......) Just be sure that you can send mail for that domain and have a correct TXT or SPF DNS RR.








    PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

    Not so simple since I shoud create a policy with an IP as a Source (the internal Exchange Server) and a domain as destination.

    But the policies are IP ---> IP or sender --> recipient


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