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[SOLVED] SSL VPN Remote Access Configuration with OSFP

I have set up a OSPF then "Redistribute Connected" for three Ip public: A, B, C and "Redistribute Static" for three IP public E, F, G. Then I create i loopback interfaces - loopback_A, loopback_B, loopback_C, loopback_E,...
Screenshot 2023-03-19 232636.png
- So I can use loopback_A for the public Gateway to create a VPN Site to Site to another Firewall (It's Work), and also Ip A can use for SNAT the local machine to the Internet.

- IPs E, F, G use for DNAT to forward port to local machine, and the loopback_E use for SSL vpn Remote access interface.

The Problem is after i setup ospf, add static root throug ssl.root interface but the ssl vpn client tunel not working. 'Cannot telnet to E:443' 
How can I set up the Public IP to use for SSL VPN Client to site with OSPF, loopback interfaces that I have mention???
Thanks all!

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Hello Donglv_,

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Hello Donglv_,


We are still looking for someone to help you.

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Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

The description looks little confusing, can you add a diagram with with the marking and share more details.

It is not clear on which interface the OSPF neighborship is configured and to whom you are advertising these routes and how it is related to the SSL VPN connection.

The site to site VPN towards LoopbackA- what is the physical interface for this connection.
Adding Static root through ssl.root, whats the destination of this route?
For the SSL connection to LoopbackE, whats the source address and it is reachable via which physical interface?



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