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SDWAN over Fortigate Cloud - Licensing Requirements


I am planning to deploy Fortinet SDWAN solution over cloud & uCPE for my client.

This is primarily done to validate the solution before it is deployed to the end client in production.

I want to know what are the essential elements for Forti SDWAN.

1. FortiGate Cloud 2. FortiManager 3. FortiDeploy


Are FortiPortal & Fortianalyzer mandatory for the SDWAN solution ?


I want to know precisely the license requirements in case if I wish to deploy 4 branches in my lab for the scenarios.

1. 4 individual branches

2. 2 branches with HA


Please help or share. I had been trying to search through Forti docs but I am not able to gather licensing requirements for SDWAN.




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Technically you can deploy SDWAN with only the FortiGate and do not need anything else.  FortiGate Cloud comes in handy if you want to drop ship a unit to a location and have it automatically phone home to a fortimanager for configurations.  FortiDeploy can also help in this scenario as well.  


The core functionality of SDWAN does not rely on any of these products, but instead, they aid in the configuration.    Of course, after deploying SDWAN FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer will greatly aid in configuration changes across the entire deployment and logging/report/troubleshooting.

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