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I have a FG-100F working with Vdoms, but everything works in only one vdom, called "NEW".

The is sdwan and many SLa Performance that we need to get by SNMP to monitor but when we try to get this, ther is nothing:

Model: 100F

Version: v6.2.3 build6188


When we try SNMP v2 tryng the snmp community configured in global (YYYY) and with community-vdom (YYYY-NEW), we only get this result:


[11:14:58.932] XXXX@zbxnode[~] # snmpwalk -v2c -cYYYY1 10.XX.XX.XX FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB::fgSystem.9
[11:15:04.932] XXXX@zbxnode[~] # snmpwalk -v2c -cYYYY1-NEW 10.XX.XX.XX FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB::fgSystem.9


Trying snmp v3, we get the same.



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It appears that you are experiencing difficulties retrieving SNMP information from your FortiGate device, specifically related to SD-WAN and SLA performance data. You have tried using SNMP version 2c with both the global community string and the community string associated with the "NEW" VDOM, but you are not receiving the desired results.

Here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot the SNMP issue on your FortiGate device:

1. Ensure SNMP configuration: Verify that SNMP is properly configured on your FortiGate device. Double-check the community strings, SNMP versions, and any access control or firewall rules that might be blocking SNMP traffic.

2. Confirm MIB support: Make sure that the necessary MIB files are available and properly loaded on your SNMP management system. The specific MIBs required for SD-WAN and SLA performance data can vary depending on the FortiGate firmware version. Ensure that you have the correct MIB files for your FortiGate model and firmware version.

3. Check SNMP OID values: Validate the SNMP OID values you are using for querying SD-WAN and SLA performance data. Ensure that the OID paths are correct and correspond to the desired metrics.

4. Verify SNMP permissions: Confirm that the SNMP community strings you are using have appropriate read permissions to access the desired information. Check if there are any additional SNMP configuration settings, such as SNMP views or access control lists, that might restrict the access to the required data.

5. Contact Fortinet support: If the issue persists, it is recommended to reach out to Fortinet support for further assistance. They can provide guidance specific to your FortiGate model, firmware version, and configuration.

When contacting support, be sure to provide detailed information about your SNMP configuration, the specific SD-WAN and SLA metrics you are trying to retrieve, and any error messages or log entries you have encountered. This will help support personnel diagnose and troubleshoot the issue more effectively.

I hope these suggestions help resolve your SNMP monitoring issues with your FortiGate device.


Hello Christian.

All itens checked. I'm not able to open a support because of license contract

I'll try it in another version.


If you have any other idea, please, let me know.




Dear viniciuslg,

As you are using vdoms, please be aware that "While configuring the SNMP, the interface should be in the management VDOM to get the response from the Firewall to the SNMP Monitoring tool.". Kindly check below KB link for more details:



Hi parteeksharma.


The interfaces we are using to ger SNMP response, they are in the management VDOM yet.

All other SNMP responses work, just the responses from OIDs from performace SLA and sd-wan don't work.

Have any other idea?



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