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SD-WAN traffic distribution

Hi folks,


I have a strange problem distributing traffic over sd-wan in fortios 5.6.2

We have 4 wan connections.

Two of them are 100MBit down and 40 up.

The other two are 16Mbit down and 1 up.

I entered the bandwith of each interface it's config.

All connections are bound to the sd-wan interface.

So far working fine.


Now i want to have the two fast interfaces used mostly.

So I set traffic volume weight 100 to the fast ones and only 5 to the slow ones.


Problem ist that the traffic volume still ist nearly perfectly 25% on each interface.


Any idea?  

Thank you!

New Contributor III

Dear friend,


   what type of load balancing algorithm you are using .

if you are using weight method, you have to put 45-45 for both fast and 5-5 for slow.

they you will get proper distribution of speed and network .





I'm using the volume weight method.

As I understood, the weight entrys are just proportions, so even 1000/1000/1/1 should do it ...

I changed now to 45/45/5/5 and will see what happens.


Still the same. It's nearly exactly 25% Traffic on each interface.

Any other idea?


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