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Dear All,please help to solved this issue.scenario is before we have 2 200e in HA mode after that 2 Core switches 3850 in HSRP mode ,one static route for 3 working vlan and all done .(client ,datacenter and management)working good . now we have deplo...
Dear Team , recently after upgrading one of my client fortigate 100e to FortiOS-6.0.1,i find out that option for FSSO setting is not available and i am not able to create any traffic shaping policy .it give me error that address name is invalid.there...
dear all, i have one problem I need some help regarding DHCP for IP Phone ,Yesterday we deployment Fortinet 100D .They have 3 network and using Cisco SG-300 52 port manageable switches1- IP Cameras- IP Phones- St...
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