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SD-WAN how to route all internet traffic to WAN2


I have two interfaces in SD-WAN, now I would like that my WAN2 interface should be used for all internet access, now when I create SD-WAN rule I see here only as destination "Internet service" or "Application" I don't see here any "Service" option where I could add all HTTPS, DNS services needed for web browsing, so how could I do this?

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I think the answer is that you can't.  But it doesn't like you need to get that granular if you want *all* Internet access to go out wan2.  Just specify the source and destination addresses appropriately.


Ok, but how to co figure destination addresses for all internet sites and services? As I said three is nothing here like destination with option 'all' something like on ipv4 policy.

Sure there's right above Internet Service and Application in the Destination section.  Choose the "all" address object.  It's probably already selected by default.


My IPSEC tunnels are binded to WAN1 interface, If I create SD-WAN rule to redirect "all" source and "all" destination traffic through WAN2,  does this break my IPSEC tunnels or not?


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