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Route Distance



Probably a dumb question but here goes.


I have a vdom which receives a 0/0 from bgp:

B    *> [20/0] via, xxxxx, 1d00h23m


I also have an IPSec tunnel which i want to send internet traffic to from certain subnets, so im going to configure policy routing.

But without having the 0/0 route active in the routing table towards the tunnel interface the policy route wont work.


When trying to add a static 0/0 route towards the tunnel interface with the same distance as BGP i get this:


get router info routing-table database

S    *> [20/0] is directly connected, tunnel1 B [20/0] via, lan, 1d00h22m


The static always is active though they have the same distance. I was able to go round this by configuring ip addresses on the tunnel interfaces and in the policy route adding the ip of the remote end as gateway, but is there a way to have both routes (BGP,Static) active in the routing table?





I don't disagree. Only way to confirm is to open a case with TAC. Everybody who is following this thread would be eager to know the answer.


 Same here.


But I can't get both a BGP and Static default route to appear in routing table with same distance configured (20). vStatic always wins.. 


At least you got then both to appear!


Running 6.05


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