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Restoring Config Issues

Hi all!

Found a pretty annoying bug with restoring config to a new box.

60F to 60F, both sitting on 6.4.12.

When I go to restore the backup of current config to a replacement 60F, the password is too long for the password field! 15 characters can be entered into the password field when restoring but the password is much bigger than that.

The replacement box is completed U/S, so I can’t power on to change password to suit the field.

Any way around this? I don’t feel like pasting the config in manually, can be a nightmare from past experiences.

I suppose if I was able to find the password output on the config file, I could put whatever I want in there (may have answered my own query).

Probably worth mentioning anyway incase anyone comes across this also.


If you're talking about the "Password" to restore a saved encrypted config, that's just for the config file encryption you used when you backuped the config at the original box. That password is different from the admin login password, which is in the config file.
If you're seeing the hashed ENC password for the admin in the config file, you didn't use a password to encrypt the config file when you backed it up. If it was encrypted, you wouldn't be able to find/location the password because the entire file is encrypted.
So you just need to empty out the password box when you restore it.




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