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Remote Access Secure Solution

I have customer using the Office fortigate as a gateway for all users inside the office, and even if they are working remotely from home, or any public Wi-Fi and they need all remote users to use the SSL VPN always before use the internet so the SSL VPN is non split tunnel so all traffic will be forwarded to the FortiGuard security profiles.


The issue is as you know client VPN is very sensitive to the internet latency and speed so it keep disconnect so they have to connect again or internet will be slow during connected to the VPN.


Customer want secure solution for remote users not only to access the Head Office they need secure remote connection for internet and i don't think SSL VPN is the solution !


Any ideas what could be the best solution for them




If you do not want to use any external VPN client, you can try to use the inbuilt VPN with MS windows.

Please refer to the below link and see if this helps you.


Apart from this, you can always create a ticket with the support just in case if you have a nonworking Forticlient setup environment using SSLVPN/IPSEC.


Just for reference to use IPSEC VPN using FortiClient.



Atul Srivastava

Hi netmanb2k,

VPN basically encrypting traffic from your PC to the gateway(Fortigate)

PC <<encrypted>> Fortigate
Traffic to the internet is not encrypted by the Fortigate.

Related to the disconnection issue. This can be many possibilities.

Due to you are using full tunnel, means every SSLVPN user traffic going to utilize bandwidth on the Fortigate. This include, watching video(netflix, youtube, etc), download(windows update, games, etc) and so on. If bandwidth on the Fortigate is low, it is expected to have disconnection issue too.


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