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I have customer using the Office fortigate as a gateway for all users inside the office, and even if they are working remotely from home, or any public Wi-Fi and they need all remote users to use the SSL VPN always before use the internet so the SSL ...
is FortiGate Cloud portal down now ?
I have FortiGate 81E, i have 3 switches, and 10 AP's (5 221E and 3 224E outdoor)Everything was working fine for long timeToday mid night all my AP's are not stable now going up and down every 10-15 min All ruing latest release 6.4 and the FortiGate 6...
HI, I have fortiwifi40F fortiswicth, we created SSID wifi network, and another VLAN for the LAN users.We dont have local DNS so we are using public DNS in both networks But we cant map or see the computers in the LAN, from the WIfi network with the c...
I have Fortigate Fortiwifi40F, and 3 231F Access Points with HP POE switch I need to connect the HP POE switch to the fortiwifi40F and then connect the 3 FortiAP231F to the HP switch And then manage the AP's from the fortigate Any issues with this se...
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