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Regular express

Dear All,

I would like to allow website, But i only need to block the profile link using regular expression.

Like the link so anyone who's click or search someone using name or email address but while click on the user profile this should be block. Only the ID will be different for everyone.


Anyone can help how to do it using regular expression.



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I guess the 1st question do you  have SSL de-encryption enable on the fw-policies that are  allowing traffic to facebook. To write a URL filter would be the easy part but if the client attaches to facebook using https  this would create more additional concerns.


Just keep in mind, you have another option of looking at a IPS filter on http content for the string "" and just blocking that access for anything matching that  url but like above ssl traffic and encryption needs to be removed to match the string




PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

Try this:\.php\?id=\d+

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