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Question: daily logs GB/day limit is exceeded warning on FortiAnalyzer

Can anyone explain me what happens if i receive the following notification from my fortianalyzer?


You have exceeded your daily logs GB/day licensing limit within the last 7 days.


Rightnow im troubleshooting an issue regarding not all information being displayed on reports.. maybe this could be the issue?




"Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code."
"Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code."

If one notices that the FortiAnalyzer VM has consistently exceeded its licensed GB/day limit for over 7 days, this is a good time to think about a license upgrade and adjust resources. Although FortiAnalyzer VM will try its best not to drop logs, consistently running over capacity will eventually lead to undetermined behavior. This is because all FortiAnalyzer VM functions are validated within the licensed limit; the behavior beyond that limit is deemed to be unsupportable.


If the FortiAnalyzer encounters any issues while it is in the license-exceeded state (GB/day), customer support will not be able to investigate unless the licensing issue is fixed. This may delay the response time for any incidents and may lead to further complications not affected and Admin users are only being warned.





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