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Hello togetherI encountered two problems with the ZTNA deployment.1. proxy policies can no longer work with Geolocations, i.e. as soon as Geo Location has been defined as the source, the proxy policy can no longer perform matches even though the IP i...
I currently have the following scenario.FortiOS and FortiClient EMS in use. Customer XY wants to replace his Always-ON VPN with Forticlient EMS. It should be possible to log in via machine certificate and LDAP user via prelogon if off-fabric and log ...
Can anyone explain me what happens if i receive the following notification from my fortianalyzer? You have exceeded your daily logs GB/day licensing limit within the last 7 days. Rightnow im troubleshooting an issue regarding not all information bein...
Hello there,Can someone tell me whats the recommended release for FortiEMS (on-Prem)? FortiClient
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