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Question about the prerequisite for SD-WAN configuration


We're planning to create new SD-WAN port using two WAN links.

According to Fortinet document for creating SD-WAN interface, it says existing configuration references are required to be removed before configuring SD-WAN port.

We'll create SD-WAN port using twp new spare ports as member ports, not using existing WAN ports.

In this case, do we still need to remove existing configuration references? Or we can just add the new SD-WAN port to existing configuration references? 


When you configure SDWAN in the firewall policy, you select the SDWAN zone where the interfaces are. In order to add an interfaces to the default SDWAN zone (usually called virtual-wan-link), it must not be referenced to other configuration. 


Based on the above, you should be able to add the two new spare ports to the desired sdwan zone, and then select this zone as outgoing interface without removing existing configuration references.


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