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IP Pool Addresses Never Seem To Change

Running 7.2.5

I have an SD-WAN with two IPv6 ISPs.  I'm using Central NAT, and I have an IPv6 Pool for each ISP with a subnet of IP addresses.  That works, and the Fortigate selects an IP from the pool for each ISP for every computer. The problem is, this NAT IP never changes.  I use the NAT so my IP's would offer more privacy than if I used my "real" IP, but that isn't the case.  Is there a way to get the NAT IP for every device to change, say once a day?




Hello @ameif56hgt


The IP is assigned by Fortigate automatically. What ever IP is free from the pool it will be assigned to one of the PC. You can try to use the computer at different times and if IP changes.


Thank you




I have 4 billion IP's to pick from, but I only get one and only one. For security, that isn't the best solution. Is there perhaps a way to clear the NAT translation table every night so the Fortigate picks a new address?  I'm really surprised this has never come up before. Features like Apple's Private Relay change the IP address constantly.