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Quarantine report for multiple recipients into one EMail

I am looking for a possibility to get only one quarantine report for multiple recipients.

Lets say i have:


What i found is that it ist possible to have the additional adresses as user alias in FortiMail to route them all to the main addresse


But if i want to route the in the backend mailserver to different user mailboxes than the this ist not an option because FortiMail is transferring all mails to


Then i thought secondary accounts in the user preferences might be the right method to do what i want but i think it is not. This enables one user to administer the bulk mail folder from different users but it does not combine all the quarantined mail headers into one report.


If i use the "Quarantine Report Setting" in the "Domain" and set it to "Other Recipient" and a fixed address i will get many single quarantine report emails for every address instead of one report with all new quarantined mail headers together.


Is there any way to get what i want?

The Email Template has a column variable %%ORIG_ENVELOPE_TO%% so i hope it is possible.



One possibility to accomplish that:

Domain & User > User Preference

Look for and edit it; you should see an editable item "Secondary accounts"

Edit it and add info@ , webmaster@ as secondary accounts
All quarantined messages of those secondary accounts will be managed by

It's more straightforward approach imho






/ Abel

regards / Abel
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Hello Abelio,

thank you for your suggestion.

Is it right that the main user does not receive a combined quarantine report for himself an the secondary accoounts? He will receive 3 reports, one for every secondary account?

And he does not get all quarantined mail in one list, he has to switch between the accounts to see the bulk mails from the other adresses?

What i like to have is one report for all adresses.


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