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Problem download large file

Hi to all! I have a Fortigate 50E v6.2.7 and I can't download files of a certain size. the file in question is about 12Gb and the download, although my line is 30Mb, goes to 300-500Kb The download always stops sometimes before sometimes after, I never managed to download it. If I bypass the Fortigate and connect directly to the router, the download is successful. I also created an uncontrolled policy just to connect to the remote server where the file in question is hosted but it doesn't work anyway.

config firewall policy     edit 24         set name "LAN>WAN download Trumpf"         set uuid 5992b90e-cddc-51eb-8246-0fbba3bfb717         set srcintf "lan1"         set dstintf "virtual-wan-link"         set srcaddr "net-lan"         set dstaddr "" ""         set action accept         set schedule "always"         set service "ALL"         set ippool enable         set poolname "wan1" "wan2"         set session-ttl never         set fsso disable         set comments "per download file aggiornamenti Trumpfs"         set nat enable     next end
Is there any option that escapes me? Anyone have info about it? Thanks 1000 in advance

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The problem i think is the slow connection but i don't find anything about....




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