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DNS for DHCP clients

Is it possible to enable the FortiGate DHCP-Server on the internal interface and resolve internal hostnames of the connected devices with no 3rd-party servers/apps? (only FortiGate)



Host "windows-pc1" connects to network and via dhcp gets ip

Host "linux-pc2" connects to network and via dhcp gets ip


"ping linux-pc2" should work from windows-pc1.

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yes this is possible.


you have to enable a DNS Server on the interface and setup a DNS Database, then add the regarding 'A' and 'PTR' Record to the DNS-Database.



sudo apt-get-rekt

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that would do the trick manually - I think the thread-startet wanted it the way windows active directory does. If a client gets a dhcp ip from the domain controller it is automatically resolvable by its hostname for everyone who uses the DC as DNS.

I don't think that is possible on a FGT.


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Yes, exactly, I want it to happen dynamically. I know about the manual way.


Though I wonder, how cheap consumer-product-routers manage to do this...