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Policy to allow SMS over WIFI

I have a Fortigate 101E. I'm setting up WIFI and would like to create a policy that only allows access to Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and SMS. The WIFI covers a cell phone dead zone in our factory. I would like supervisors to be able to communicate via SMS. We don't want them to be able to browse the web. I know how to allow Teams and Office. How do I allow SMS over the Internet? Supervisors use various major carriers for their phone service. Any insight would be great!


Thank you!

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Haven't done it particularly so it's just concept. Likely either "Internet Service" in the policy or "Application Control" or a combination of both. Internet Service doesn't have MS Teams but Office365. App Control has both. Internet Service is more hit and miss because it's relying on server IP database, which keep changing.

Search with "Microsoft" as the keyword in buth methods, then probably you need to tune in to find exactly what you want it to behave.

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