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Hello. I'm seeing a number of connection attempts with various non-existent user accounts from countries outside of the US. Is anyone else seeing such connection attempts? This hasn't happened in a quite a long time. I had previously configured VPN t...
Hello everyone, I'm looking at configuring the anti-ransomware protection in Forticlient. We are currently running 6.4.8. I haven't found information on the format for protected folders. I would like to add the user Documents folder (among others) to...
Hello. I'm working on using our 101E for internal network segmentation. I've set up a LAG port to use to increase the amount of bandwidth available for segment to segment communication. I would like to route Internet access through a separate interfa...
I have a Fortigate 101E. I'm setting up WIFI and would like to create a policy that only allows access to Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and SMS. The WIFI covers a cell phone dead zone in our factory. I would like supervisors to be able to communicate ...
I'm attempting to backup the Forticlient EMS database. I enter a password and choose to backup. I'm not prompted for a storage location. The backup appears to run, but I don't get any messages confirming that. I've looked around on the system and can...
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