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Policy To Route Traffic From Specific VLAN To WAN2

We have a fast primary internet and a slower secondary/backup internet. I would like to route all wireless guest traffic out the slower WAN2 internet to preserve WAN1 bandwidth for our main users. 


Can you detail for me how to do that? I would still like to be able to have internet fail over to WAN2 if WAN1 has an outage.

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Just two pointers:

1- routing by source address is done by createing a Policy Route. Regular routes have only the destination address as a criterion, PR can use source address, src port and other fields for making the routing decision.


2- failover to 2nd WAN: create a second default route with higher distance, pointing to WAN2. For failover detection, you cannot rely solely on link failure detection (which is automatic) but need to create a 'link monitor' a.k.a. health check. This is basically a ping target outside your network; when pings fail, the primary default route out WAN1 is deleted, and the secondary to WAN2 takes over.


Please get more information on the concepts and the config details from the Handbook, the Cookbook or FTNT videos, all on .



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