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Policy Route always cover static route...

Hello  Every one


My office buy new 100D to be our Gateway. and using 2 ISP for sharing different  office parts 's  network。

Forti OS was 5.2.7


In our plan:

part A will using ISP  A   and WAN setting was  get DHCP.

part B will using ISP B  and WAN setting was static public IP, and default route setting here.

and they are each other's backup line.


After  we build it finish, we found all parts will using ISP A , only when ISP A remove connect , they turn to ISP B.


Even we change ISP A's Distance to 100 to high than IPS B's 10, or we setting policy routes to make some one using IPS B.

It's not work .


But same setting we copy config to our service  vender 's Lab using 60D and 500A, it's work! 


We want to ask:


Does anyone have same problem, and fix it  ? or what can we do to fix this strange problem? ask our vender to request tech support?




2016/07/04 09:40 AM Taiwan


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Monitor the  router table when you have the cfg in place for ISP1 and ISP2.



( webgui ) network router monitor



(cli)  get router info routing all



Take a look at what's present in the route table and yes   PBR override any  static or  dynamic routing information. So policy based routing takes precedence






PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

I think you should use policy based routing which determines what subnet is going out via which isp.


grtz. Ralph

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