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Pings from CLI not seen in Logs&Reports or Fortiview

Pings from Fortigate CLI out to internet or to internal hosts are  not seen in Logs&Reports or in Fortiview.

Is this expected behavior?  I have Event Log/Local Log = all in Log Settings and Log= All in specific IPV4 policy rules.

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Yes, the traffic is not hitting any policies since it is not ingressing one interface and egressing another.  Generally you are doing this for testing so not really sure why you'd need it logged?

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Good point re: ping traffic not ingressing/egressing interface.  And yes I am doing failover testing and wanted confirmation of the destination interface used by my test pings. But now I understand why I won't be able to see/log that info. Sounds like I should run my test pings from a device other than the fortigate and make sure I have a policy to match that traffic. Thanks much!


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