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Have to replace Fortigate-300D in challenging position in rack. Defective unit is mounted with the ear brackets. Need to verify/confirm the screw size and bracket dimensions/length. Will need to use right angle rachet screwdriver to get unit out and ...
In planning stages:SDWAN implementation. HQ: (2) Fortigates in HA (1) MPLS interface and (1) ISP/wan1 interfaceBranches: (6) Fortigates, (1) MPLS interface and (1) ISP/wan1 interfaceI understand I need to create SDWAN enabled interfaces/members, defa...
Testing SDWAN failover between Internet (wan1) and MPLS (wan2) interfaces on 60E/6.0.8. Fortigate interfaces are connected to cisco switch. Failovers successful if I shut down MPLS or Internet switch interface connected Fortigate. But… I’m trying to ...
Pings from Fortigate CLI out to internet or to internal hosts are not seen in Logs&Reports or in Fortiview.Is this expected behavior? I have Event Log/Local Log = all in Log Settings and Log= All in specific IPV4 policy rules.
Have several 60D/100D running 6.0.8. Each fortigate has one broadband ISP connection on wan1 (via static route) and one MPLS VLAN subinterface on wan2 running OSPF on internal network. Will be implementing SDWAN next week and adding both as SDWAN mem...
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