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Phase2 selectors



Just a quick question..


When will you use phase 2 selectors like -> and when wil you specify the local and remote subnet?

Is there a rule for that? Which one is preffered while building en IPSec?


Or is used only while building IPSec between Fortigates?


Just crossing my mind...



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It really matters  when you use it, but both side needs to be configured the same.




1> when you use 0.0.0/0:0  ( aka quad 0s ) you loose the ability to get per src/dst SA flows details


2> many  host of firewall support quad 0s, fortigate, juniper, chkp, strongswan, forcepoint, etc.......


3> why you might do quad0s over specific src/dst subnet-pair,  Is due to the remote-side only supports quad0s ( ie like a cloud-provider ) or if you want to run a dynamic-routing protocol and will send various different networks across the tunnel


4> if you only want one ipsec-SA for monitoring purposes vrs trying to monitor up/down over X amount if vpn-tunnels


5> or if you want simpler configuration overall 


Ken Felix





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Ok thanks for the reply... So even if I choose for the simpler configuration and use quad 0s on my Fortigate the other side must also support it and use it inside their P2.. Am I correct?

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Yes, as Ken stated at the beginning. Both sides need to have the same selector sets. 0/0<->0/0 is not an exception.

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For example Checkpoints do NOT support selectors by default (i.e in 99% of deployments), only via VTI interfaces .  

I, personally, unless explicitly required (e.g. VPN with AWS/Azure you have to use it or when using dynamic routing between peers), prefer specific selectors - just removes another weak link in the possible chain of failures.  


If you are sure you will be setting up VPN between Fortigates only for ever after, then no problem - between Fortigates it works just fine.



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