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Pen test against Fortinet stuff

I am new to IT, landed my first job back in July 2023 but I feel like I have a great understanding of most things. But the one thing that I know for certain is I do not know about all the things that I dont know. We have an upcoming Internal Pen test and I was in charge of setting up our new Fortigates and Fortiswitches and I want for nothing more than to have the pen test company say that our system is a tough one or even say they failed to break in (if that is possible). Any tips on some configurations or best practices that I can use to win on the test? I dont really know what goes into a pen test so I dont know what things I should be trying to crack down on.

Any and all advice is much appreciated both on IT and pen test/configs.

For a PEN test your work generally start after they provide the test result including some "critical" and "medium" vulnerabilities that were found. Of course you need to provide all public IPs you have to the tester.

Sounds like you've already provided the IP(s) and they said "tough". That means good.


You shouldn't change any config before the test unless you already know if something would fail. If this is your first time, you probably don't know what would fail.Then if they found those problems, you need to mitigate to improve the network security. Read the report carefully and if you don't understand some parts, you can either ask them at this forum or open a case at TAC.


You might be running OS not the latest of the models and they might find some vulnerabilities. You can upgrade them to the latest before the test but I would wait until the report points out. It's not the end of the world because you know what to do at that time, then get tested again.




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