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PPPoE Status Fails after 2 hours of being active after a firewall update

Good Afternoon,


I'm currently having troubles with a FortiGate 100E Cluster where the PPPoE running on WAN2 is causing major issues, i have updated the FortiGate to the latest version of 6.4 it worked for two hours then disconnects. We have spoken to the provider and they say the dialup is working no issues, i can confirm this as i had tested it with my laptop.


When the connection drops the status stay's failed, even a cluster reboot does not solve this.


I have run the following commands and here is the output, any help will be divine. 


dia debug enable

dia debug application pppoe -1

dia debug applicaiton ppp -1


update_interfaces()-423: Update PPPoE interfaces
update_interfaces()-427: Invalidate PPPoE interface wan2
update_interfaces()-481: Found PPPoE interface wan2
update_interfaces()-564: PPPoE parameters of wan2 changed.
child_exit()-640: A child process exits
pppoed_main()-850: PID 1239 exit
pppoed_main()-856: Interface wan2 exit
pppoed_main()-781: Start PPPoE interface wan2
pppoed_main()-784: PID of wan2 is 1255
parameters passed to pppd:
pppd 0 pppoed wan2 nopersist noipdefault noauth defaultroute default-asyncmap hide-password nodetach mtu 1486 mru 1486 noaccomp noccp nobsdcomp nodeflate nopcomp novj novjccomp user <username would be here but as public forum....> lcp-echo-interval 15 lcp-echo-failure 5 sync plugin /bin/ pppoe_retry_time 1 pppoe_padt_time 1 pppoe_srv_name pppoe_ac_name pppoe_hostuniq 577db68 pppoe_sock2parent 12 wan2 ipunnumbered idle 0 unnumbered-negotiate enable


Hi @kieran_forrest ,


From my understanding, here is the summary:

1. Fortigate is on HA.

2. WAN2 is connected to ISP router and  Fortigate do PPPOE.

3. After 2 hours, the WAN is down.

May i know, how do you connect port WAN2 on Fortigate for unit1 and unit2 to the router?

On the router perspective, how do you configure 2 ports that are connected to FGT1 and FGT2?


Good Morning,


The WAN2 is configured 1:1 on both HA Primary and HA Secondary, the "modem/router" is connected to both WAN2 ports through two different cables.


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