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Orange LED only active...inactive Green LED

Hi all, Ive discovered that my FGT-500A on port1 that only shows active/blinking orange LED only. The Green LED is inactive. Ive tested to plug it to my PC and both LED is up. But when i hooked up to ADSL modem, only orange LED is blinking. no green LED. Is this a problem on the interface speed or what??? -ARIS-
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Try: diag hardware deviceinfo nic <interface name> I would guess you are negotiating at 10meg and hence the orange light. This command will give you insight and ensure there are no errors.
FCSE > FCNSP 2.8 > FCNSP 3.0 (Former) FCT
FCSE > FCNSP 2.8 > FCNSP 3.0 (Former) FCT

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