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Number of SSLVPN users concurrently

is there a limit to how many SSLVPN users can connect to the fortigate?

i have extend the sslvpn ip address pool to 40 ip address.

but when there are more than 10 users, the connection gets abit unstable, so users reported cannot access some URL or map drives.

is there any fine tuning that can be done?

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One thing to check in the cli: diagnose vpn ssl statistics


Check the SSLVPN state to see if it's in conserve mode (ran out of memory)

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SSL users depends on FGT model and the total traffic + anything else your doing ( IPS, filter, UTM,etc....). Outside of that no hard-limits exists. If your seeing issues now, than that's a clue that it's possible your model is undersized.


Your option would be to upgrade the unit or add a dedicate unit as a SSLVPN gateway.


Ken Felix




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i am using FG-300D


this is the stats

 tunnel connection is only 10 





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