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Notitication email



We using fortigte FG100E with fw v.6.0.2 build, we already configure failover with policy base routing. All working normal and monitor with link-monitor. The problem is when one link problem notification sent to email goes to junk mail. aftter i check the mail header there is no from mail .

From: <>
Message-Id: <>


How to add From email (example from my email) to this? so notification next goes to inbox.


appreciate for suggestion.


Thank you



Hello Agus,


How is the notification email configured on Fortigate? Automation stitch or something else? Kindly share the notification email config.


Best Regards,

Mohammed Ahmed


Probably because you didn't configure "set reply-to" under "config system email-server" in CLI.



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Hi All,

Sorry for late reply and thank you for the contribution, here is configuration on our site

  • On web panel menu:  log & report  -> Email Alert Settings

tick enabled 

From: myemail

To: recipient email

Alert parameter: event


  •   From CLI

config system email-server
set reply-to ""
set server ""
set port 465
set security smtps


Thank you



Maybe an issue with the old 6.0.2? The config looks fine.
My home 40F uses the same default "" as SMTP server and no "reply-to" is configured. But it's 6.4.10 and the config has "set username" configured and the source email has this username in alert email. Does your 6.0.2 have "set username" command?



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Hi, Thank for your reply appreciate,

i check on my device there is no set username command

FG100 (email-server) # set
type Use FortiGuard Message service or custom email server.
reply-to Reply-To email address.
server SMTP server IP address or hostname.
port SMTP server port.
source-ip SMTP server IPv4 source IP.
source-ip6 SMTP server IPv6 source IP.
authenticate Enable/disable authentication.
validate-server Enable/disable validation of server certificate.
security Connection security used by the email server.
ssl-min-proto-version Minimum supported protocol version for SSL/TLS connections (default is to follow system global setting).


Thank you


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After i check detail on alert email for link-status monitor change

FG100E (automation-action) # edit "Link monitor change_email"

FG100E (Link monitor cha~ail) # show
config system automation-action
edit "Link monitor change_email"
set action-type email
set email-to ""
set email-subject "Link monitor change"

FG100E (Link monitor cha~ail) # set email-from

command parse error before 'email-from'
Command fail. Return code -61

FG100E (Link monitor cha~ail) #
set Modify value.
unset Set to default value.
select Select multi-option values.
unselect Unselect multi-option values.
append Append values to multi-option.
clear Clear multi-option values.
get Get dynamic and system information.
show Show configuration.
next Configure next table entry.
abort End and discard last config.
end End and save last config.

FG100E (Link monitor cha~ail) # set
action-type Action type.
email-to Email addresses.
email-subject Email subject.
minimum-interval Limit execution to no more than once in this interval (in seconds)


still confuse how to add mail from, so when receive alert have mail from address from not no sender receive that cause sent to junk folder.


Thank you


Hello Agus,


Kindly try using alert mail settings as per KB :


config alertemail setting

set mailto1 


Best Regards,

Mohammed Ahmed

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Hi, appreciate for your help, already try link above but its happen with link status monitor, i have 2 WAN failover, when i got 1 link problem it will send notification alert for link change, it's working but goes to junk folder because i check there is no "from".




Thank you


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