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New to fortigate, how to authorize steam website , but not the steam application ?



we have just switch from watchguard to fortigate, and we are now fine tuning our policies :).


- I have a standard flow policy for all traffic, with a webfilter and application control.

LAN -> WAN  ANY SERVICES (webfilter + appcontrol)

- i have block the game category on webfilter and application


Now i have to authorize the Steam website only ; but block the Steam application. I try to put a webfilter override category for steam, but it's still detected by the app control.


I have try to add this policy before to check only the web ports

LAN -> WAN (HTTP+HTTPS) (webfilter + appcontrol).

-> still no luck, going on the web page steam is detected as "Steam application". and is blocked.


Any ideas to implement this rule ?



I try to add another policy 


Hi @nicolasb ,

You could separate out the web filter and app control policy. Have an allow steam website above the block app policy. Let me know if this works. 

-Manoj Papisetty

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