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Need help with Forticonverter



I newly installed a lisenced Forticonverter (7.2) and trying to migrate configuration from FGT200E to FGT201E

I have added the 201E device to forticonverter but when I create new conversion it only ask for the source config which is the old firewall config file and target device which it does not give me an option to select the new devices that I added to the Forticonverter.

I have took a backup of the default config from the new device and put it in the target device section and started migration. the issue is when I download the migrated config and review the configuration I don`t see any policy, addresses, VIPs, etc.

I only see it converted the interfaces! is there something missing?


Hi @aaltameemi,


Can you make sure that the FortiConverter license is registered correctly with the 201E serial number? You should see FortiConverter Service under Entitlement. Please refer to this link




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Hi hbac


Forticonverter is lisenced fine, I found the issue and fixed it as there was a problem with port mapping, the source confi have hardware switch port named "internal" while the new firewall does not have the port name so I had to mapp it with port1 since the policies are using that port as source and destinations in the firewall policies.


now I have question regarding adding the new firewall to Forticonverter, in the past I remember when we add the firewall we are able to choose it as the target device but now I don`t have this option, so what is the advantage of adding the firewall to forticonverter?

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