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NSE4 (5.4 vs 5.6)

Hi guys, 

I ended up booking 5.6 exam, as it is much newer. However I am thinking of changing it, as only material that I have is for 5.4. 

I was just thinking, conecpt behind this 2 exams would be same right? or are they much different ?


At work usually get to configure 5.4 (sometimes 5.6) and i have been building own labs using VM(5.6)


I dont have acess to partner portal so any help would be much appriciated?


Exam cost me 400USD + 60usd(taxes) so pretty expensive, so I am kinda worried it could be a waste of money


thanks D

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A reason logic will dictate to use the latest  version and v6.0 is what you should look for imho.


As far  cost that does not seem right if this the exam-only.


As far as as a partnerportal, you do not need that.




PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

Hey Emnoc, Thank you for replying. Well i booked exam yesterday and that's how much it costs at Pearson vue. ( I book all my exams there, Cisco/Microsoft) As fast as version, i see where you coming from, but i have no experience with 6.0. and material for 6.0 is hard to get. I am having trouble getting material for 5.6! And idk, everybody says best way to study partner portal, so i can fortigate 1 and 2 ! And than be ready but yeah! What you think 5.4 and 5.6 much different?
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