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NSE Questions - Help

Hello Forum, I need to clarify some questions about the NSE program. I know that maybe these questions are repeating but I do not know how to go further and probably more people are like me. I am (with my colleagues) a fortinet partner with FCNSP v5. 1) Who should I ask to convert the FCNSPv5 it to NSE 4? - create a Fortinet Customer ticket? - send an email request? Where? 2) NSE 5: There are not enough online courses for partners for NSE 5 (FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer). - will there be more? - how I take the NSE 5 exam? I cannot find it in the Training Center. Is it available in Pearson Vue? Fortinet pages says: How to Enroll in NSE 5 To enroll in the NSE 5 you must have an account on the Fortinet Learning Center (FLC). If you are a partner, you must enter through the partner portal. - I still cannot see the exam - It will be available only after I attend the Online Course? 3) The same about the other parts NSE 6,7,8. - I checked the local Pearson Vue websites and no one is offering the NSE 8 or other NSE certification exam (at least the written part). note: Is it possible that somewhere all these questions are answerred but I could not find them - I think I am not alone with this. Could anyone help to answer these questions. My manager asks me to tell him how much time I need to learn and prepare for the exams and the approximate costs etc. But firstly I need to know the answers for these questions to go further. Thank you very much!


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Hello AtiT,


you get some answers in the following link:

If I look at Pearson VUE for Fortinet, I can see the exams for NSE 4 / 8:



Dirk Ehlers

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NSE5 was made available as online self paced recently.


I've passed all the modules, but don't see anything in my transcript that says I'm NSE5 now..

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Yo need NS4 for get NS5 certfication.

In the webinar said you need to pass the FAZ and Fmanager exams. But i received my NS5 only completing the FAZ and Fortimanager internal seminars.

If you have trouble please write to

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Thanks for that - I am already NSE4. Am I supposed to take more exams to get NSE5? 

I completed the modules for FAZ & FMGR (5 exams for each) using self paced online but I don't see a status change.

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did you use practice  exam? are the previous practice exam on cnsna cncsp v5 are valid, i mean the questions are still intact?

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Not 100% sure on this but I believe to be a NSE5 now you'll have to take the exam with pearsonVUE.


Previously if you attended the NSE5 online course while there was no exam you would become NSE5 certified. Now that the exam is available you'll also need to do the exam to be certified.


The NSE5 should now be available via pearsonVUE: [link][/link]


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